Hello, Everybody!

It's really sad that we can't get together for Funday today as we usually do - but that doesn't mean we need to miss out on Fun altogether. Explore this page for some activities, a song, a story and a prayer, which I hope you will enjoy.

Marilyn x

Palm Sunday STORY

What is this all about?

Watch the video story here.

Read the story: 

A prayer to share

Dear Jesus

How amazing it must have been on Palm Sunday to see you coming down to the Holy City amid shouts of joy.  Today we join with the happy crowd, thanking and praising you for the great miracles you have done in our lives and in our world.   We want to celebrate by waving palm branches and spreading out our coats to carpet your pathway.  Be with us when we are happy, as well as when we are sometimes sad.  Amen

A note for parents: 

For the activities, you will need to be able to print some of the resources. It would be helpful to have feltpens or crayons, scissors, card, glue stick and pegs available, too. If they're not to hand, you can still enjoy the story and the song straight away.

Palm Sunday SONG

We have a King who rides a donkey - join in here

Make a donkey!

Older children:

Palm Sunday maze

Make a palm frond

Older children:

Palm Sunday matching card game