WORSHIP FOR EASTER 12th April 2020

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Order of Service 


Click to listen to C. S. Lang: Tuba Tune

Chosen by James, played by Peter Thompson



Bells at St Mary's Church played on the carillon by Jennie

HYMN Click and then return to this page for the words: 

      Jesus Christ is risen today

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!
Our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
Who did once, upon the cross, Alleluia!
Suffer to redeem our loss, Alleluia!

Hymns of praise then let us sing, Alleluia!
Unto Christ, our heavenly King, Alleluia!
Who endured the cross and grave, Alleluia!
Sinners to redeem and save, Alleluia!

But the pain which He endured, Alleluia!
Our salvation hath procured, Alleluia!
Now above the sky He's king, Alleluia!
Where the angels ever sing, Alleluia!



God of glory,

by the raising of your Son

you have broken the chains of death and hell:

fill your Church with faith and hope;

for a new day has dawned

and the way to life stands open

in our Saviour Jesus Christ.




READING: Colossians 3:5-11 

HYMN Click and join in: 

     Christ is alive! Let Christians sing

GOSPEL READING: John 20: 1-18

SERMON Preached by David   

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HYMN Click and join in: 

Alleluia, Alleluia! Hearts to heaven

Alleluia! Alleluia!
Hearts to heav'n and voices raise;
sing to God a hymn of gladness,
sing to God a hymn of praise:
he who on the cross a victim
for the world's salvation bled,
Jesus Christ, the King of Glory,
now is risen from the dead.

Christ is risen, Christ the first-fruits
of the holy harvest field,
which will all its full abundance
at his second coming yield:
then the golden ears of harvest
will their heads before him wave,
ripened by his glorious sunshine
from the furrows of the grave.

Alleluia! Alleluia! 
Glory be to God on high;
alleluia to the Savior,
who has won the victory;
alleluia to the Spirit, 
fount of love and sanctity.
Alleluia! Alleluia
to the Triune Majesty.

PRAYERS by Martha



HYMN Click and join in: 

      Thine be the glory



May Christ, who out of defeat brings new hope and a new future, fill you with his new life. And the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be amongst us now and remain with you always. 


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F Mendelssohn: War March of the Priests

Chosen by James, played by Nicholas Kynaston

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