for the Sunday next before Advent
Christ the King

WELCOME  by Judith

HYMN  Click and join in or listen: 

Let all the world in every corner sing

COLLECT for Stir Up Sunday:

Stir up, O Lord, 
The wills of your faithful people;
That they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works,
May by you be plenteously rewarded,
Through Jesus  Christ our Lord



God the shepherd will seek the lost and feed with justice.

Zip Jila reads Ezekiel 34: 11 – 12, 15 – 17

TALK  Anne talks about a couple who have been an inspiration to her.


HYMN  Click and join in or listen: 

Thou didst leave thy throne


The judging of the nations – the sheep and the goats

Peter Essex reads Matthew 25: 31  40

SERMON  Preached by David

Justice or care?

HYMN  Click and join in or listen: 

Son of God, eternal Saviour

1  Son of God, eternal Saviour,
      source of life and truth and grace,
    Son of Man, whose birth among us
      hallows all our human race,
    thou, our Head, who, throned in glory,
      for thine own dost ever plead,
    fill us with thy love and pity;
      heal our wrongs, and help our need.

2  As thou, Lord, hast lived for others,
      so may we for others live;
    freely have thy gifts been granted,
      freely may thy servants give:
    thine the gold and thine the silver,
      thine the wealth of land and sea,
    we but stewards of thy bounty,
      held in solemn trust for thee.

3  Come, O Christ, and reign among us,
      King of love, and Prince of peace;
    hush the storm of strife and passion,
      bid its cruel discords cease;
    by thy patient years of toiling,
      by thy silent hours of pain,
    quench our fevered thirst of pleasure,
      shame our selfish greed of gain.

4  Dark the path that lies behind us,
      strewn with wrecks and stained with blood;
    but before us gleams the vision
      of the coming brotherhood.
    See the Christlike host advancing,
      high and lowly, great and small,
    linked in bonds of common service
      for the common Lord of all.

5  Son of God, eternal Saviour,
      source of life and truth and grace,
    Son of Man, whose birth among us
      hallows all our human race,
    thou who prayedst, thou who willest,
      that thy people should be one,
    grant, O grant our hope's fruition:
      here on earth thy will be done.

Somerset Corry Lowry ( 1855-1932)

PRAYERS  Led by Liz

Let us join with Martha, saying THE LORD'S PRAYER:

HYMN  Click and join in or listen: 

And can it be that I should gain

BLESSING given by Virginia


James Stanton plays Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
(A mighty fortress is our God) by Johann Pachelbel

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Background illustration:
The Last Judgement

by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 - 1564)

Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City