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David's prayer for March 2023

Throughout this season of Lent:

May we, Lord Jesus, simplify where we have been stressed, surrender what has been burdensome,
repent where we have gone wrong and take hold of your limitless forgiveness.

May we, Lord Jesus, face with courage the desert places in our lives.

So may you, Lord Jesus, renew us to serve you joyfully in your world. Amen

If you'd like to add a personal prayer to this page, please complete and submit the form below and we will add your prayer with a lighted candle beside it. All prayers are posted anonymously. If you wish to mention someone by name, please use only their Christian name; prayer requests may be edited to protect privacy.

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Please pray for all young families remembering especially our Funday families trying to cope with the extra demands placed upon them during the lockdown without their usual network of support. Loving Father, guide and protect them and embrace them in your love.


In the current health emergency we give thanks for the selfless dedication of doctors, nurses, and front-line health workers.


Please pray for Diana, dear friend, whose husband has motor neurone disease and she has no-one to help her with him, the house, garden and a 16-month old Labrador puppy.

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