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Holy Week Reflections

Monday: Revd. Virginia Smith

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Virginia's Reflection


Follow Me by Ian Adams

You don’t have to forge your own path.

It’s not all down to you.

Follow me.

I’ve taken this path - and the paths you may yet take - before you.

I am with you on the road.

I am beside you.

And I am ahead of you.

Follow me.

Not from a distance.

But close.

So close that you can sense my breathing, and I yours.  Follow me. 

Holy Week Reflections

Tuesday: Francis Cave



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Holy Tuesday Reflection
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Holy Week Reflections


Revd. David Grundy

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Holy Wednesday Reflection
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Holy Week Reflections

Thursday: Anne Rodell

Mother, Behold Thy Son

Maundy Thursday 


From Hilary Swift, LLM

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Holy Week Reflections


Revd. Judith Grundy

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Judith's Reflection for Easter Saturday.
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