by Mad Berry

I will ask the father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you

forever- the Spirit of truth.

                       John 14 v 16

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A message from Revd David Grundy, Associate Minister

Dear Friends,

During the last few weeks, according to a recent survey, average attendance at church services (that are now all online) across the country has risen from about 6% to about 25% of the population and 44% of people in the UK have prayed and believe that prayer is playing a major role in helping to improve the situation. 

So, for regular visitors or church members, let’s all do what we can to help those people who are now genuinely looking for meaning and faith  – no one expects us to be experts, but just talking in a natural way about our own experience can help others on their own journey. And for anyone arriving at this website as a relative newcomer, a warm welcome to you and we hope that you find refreshment, comfort and hope. We would love to hear from you. 

Very best wishes, David

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Welcome to St Mary's

In line with the government guidelines,

the church building is now closed and all public worship

is paused until further notice. 

Revd David Grundy and the church community are actively involved in supporting the parish through this difficult time and we are finding new ways to worship and pray.

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“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

 St Mary's, the parish church of Holmbury St Mary, is a beautiful place to seek & know God.


Holmbury church is not, though, just a building; it is a community of worshippers who are here to serve each other, the Holmbury parish and the world beyond in witness to the Christian faith.


St Mary's offers friendship, fellowship and support throughout the village and further afield, not just for those who come to services but for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and belief.


If you would like to find out more or speak to someone in confidence, please contact

Revd. David Grundy on 01306 731142 or at  

Resources and advice for

life's important events

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you.” 

[Matthew 7:7]

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